Our Mission

We aim to provide a safe and uplifting experience incorporating movement, sound and breath that deepens our connection to spirit and community.

Live drumming sets the rhythm, calming our minds, while simultaneously linking us to the steadiness of our own beating heart and connecting us to one another.

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Caleb: Drummer

Caleb has been playing drums and percussion for over 15 years. As a drummer with many different tastes, he's played everything from bluegrass to funk, progressive rock to dance music, and is always scanning the horizon for new genres to dive into. 

More recently, Caleb's passion has expanded to finding new ways to incorporate percussion and rhythm into people's lives in order to make a positive impact. It's with this new focus that he and Parvati met and began developing Heartbeat Meditation

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Parvati: Teacher

Parvati Shallow is a yoga teacher, holistic power coach and media personality. She holds advanced certifications in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and is a three-time competitor and winner of CBS’s hit series SURVIVOR. 

In a truly unique way, Parvati combines personal experience with formal training to help others tap into and expand their inner power to overcome challenges, navigate change, embrace adventure and create big, joyful lives. 

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Polina: Teacher

A 500-hour RYT certified teacher, Polina has studied yoga around the world—from India to California to her current home in New York City. Her unique style of teaching incorporates elements of Vinyasa and Kundalini with meditation, mantra and kriya. She believes in the power of yoga to help us realize our fullest potential as human beings and create the lives we want.

Through her approach as an attuned and compassionate teacher, Polina creates space for students at all levels to build a personal yoga practice that helps them experience a healthier and happier life.


The class with Caleb and Parvati was one of my favorite yoga classes I’ve been to... Parvati’s energy is incredibly positive and warm, and the class itself makes you come out feeling a deeper sense of tranquility. Caleb’s drumming made a great class even more amazing, and really adds more depth to the experience. Overall the class was beautifully unique.
— Karen, New York City
Meditation to the rhythm of drums is fantastic. It allowed me to really connect to the rhythm of my heart and to be able to drop deeper into a meditative state. Caleb and Parvati are a great team. They feel each other’s energy and work perfectly together. Parvati, leading practice is more then just leading a meditation, she creates COMMUNITY, connects people to each other, and it is incredible!! After that evening I felt inspired and empowered!! I am very very grateful for that!!
— Sara, New York City